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Specific solutions

Corporate succession considering business aspects as well as civil and succession law

In the scope of corporate succession, we assist entrepreneurs in turning their life’s work over to successors. Sometimes, this might also be the management, if there are no successors within the family. In such a case, we support the parties involved in finding a fair and constructive solution which secures the future and the sustainability of the person turning over the business, the successor and also the company itself regarding both business-oriented (manageableness of the firm) and financial aspects (minimizing possible tax charges). We do not only guide our clients through the whole process – our lawyers also elaborate all necessary agreements for this purpose.

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Mergers and acquisitions

We assist in both acquiring and selling a company. If the client is interested in acquiring a company, we assist him by analysing the financial situation and the business-management documents of the target company, if such is already found. We do financial, legal and tax due diligences as well as business-management due diligences. Together with our lawyers, we assist our clients during the complete contractual negotiations and elaborate with them the necessary agreements.

If a client wants to sell his company, we assist him in the sale. We help the client to eliminate weak points and to achieve the company’s best possible saleability. We assist our client with preparatives, in searching a suitable purchaser including the vendor due diligence. However, we are no business brokers searching for potential purchasers on behalf of a seller (but of course, we are pleased to give hints, if we see a chance). We support the seller then during all contractual negotiations. Together with our lawyers, we assist in establishing extensive and legally secure agreements.

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Consulting of trading firms, also for structuring the international purchase function

We assist trading firms operating in the e-commerce sector, but also in the conventional stationary retail sector or mail order business over the complete life cycle. We help companies to grow and to find investors. In particular, we assist
e-commerce firms in doing mergers and with the listing at a German stock exchange or the going public in the scope of an IPO / Initial Public Offering.

We assist trading firms in structuring their international purchase activities, in particular activities in Far East. Doing purchase in Asia requires in many cases suitable and qualified personnel on the spot and the corresponding legal framework. We assist in establishing purchasing companies for the procurement on the Chinese and other Asian market, in many cases by establishing Hong Kong purchasing companies. Together with partners on the spot, we assist in setting up the corresponding structures and also advise our clients on the connection of these structures with the German parent company taking into consideration business-management, legal and tax aspects.

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Support in going public

We assisted clients in their first going public at German stock exchanges. Furthermore, we made some experience with the introduction of shares at German stock markets (pure “listing”). Furthermore, we supported listed clients who, due to growth, changed over to a higher-level exchange segment, even to the listing in the prime standard.

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Last will orders taking into account civil and succession law practice

We assist our clients in making provisions and especially in assuring the survivability of companies in case of illness or emergency. Together with our clients, we elaborate not only succession concepts, but also – at the earliest possible stage – arrangements for exceptional circumstances, such as a health care proxy. In addition, we recommend our clients patient’s provisions and similar documents and we assist of course in preparing them. In particular, we attach great importance to the fact that the company’s manageableness is assured even in exceptional cases or in the event of succession. This includes also the fact that the articles of association are brought into agreement with testamentary provisions.

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Decision on legal forms including restructuring considering civil and tax law practice (German Reorganization Tax Act)

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Crisis management

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